Beck Tight

Beck Tight covers the tensioning market. The company is specialised in extension tensioning.


Beck Tight is a generalist, or even multi-specialist company. We offer a wide range of products: hydraulic tensioners, tension nuts with pressure screws, induction bolts.


The complementarity of threaded elements and their corresponding tensioning tools seems obvious. Even so, it is the first time that a special fastener manufacturer has given itself the material and human means to offer its clients this complete service.


The growth of the Beck Tight brand is the illustration of a strong will to internally control the full special fastener performance chain. This internal production capability is a factor of competitiveness.


Our approach, which is free of any technical preconception, means we can adjust our offer to your needs, without attempting to sell a proprietary solution.


Choosing Beck Tight, and to a larger extent Beck Industries, is the guarantee of full quality service at the best price and shortest lead times.


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