Beck Prosper

Beck Prosper are one of the worlds largest manufacturer and stockists of high integrity bolting for use in the offshore, petrochemical and power generation industries.
All material grades used in the industries are covered and as required all items are fully certified and traceable.


We have a fully equipped manufacturing facilities, which enables us to supply special components machined to your own drawings or samples. This combined together with our strategically located finished stock warehouses enables us to deliver excellent quality products to suit your delivery requirements.


Prosper recently joined Beck Industries, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of special bolts for the power generation and oil industries. The Prosper name has been well known as one of the few top British manufacturers and distributors of special bolts for subsea, petrochemical and power generation industries.


The company is expanding strongly especially in the subsea industry. For many years Prosper have been one of the UK’s largest manufacturer and distributor of high integrity bolting and now, due to the acquisition by Beck Industries, we can truly declare ourselves as players on the world stage.


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