Beck Nord Afrique

A manufacturer specialised in precision fasteners and threading


We manufacture all types of threaded or machined assembly parts: Screws, studbolts, tie rods, inserts, caps, etc. directly in Morocco to the east of Rabat in Tiflet. Our teams are experienced and educated, especially in the requirements of the aviation industry.

Our Tiflet site gathers together fastener production know-how and equipment that is unique in Morocco

• Machining using ø 2 mm to ø 60 mm bars

• Machining slugs of up to ø 200 mm

• Sawing, bevelling and marking of all types of bar


Our very recent high performance machinery, our team of highly qualified programmers and operators give us all the skills and resources we need to produce all threaded products compliant with the EN, AFNOR, DIN, ANSI, ASTM and ASME standards, or using your own drawings.


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