Beck Crespel

Beck Crespel is the main Beck Industries group site. It is the company at the origins of the group and has over 90 years of experience in the trade.


Beck Crespel is the main contact for the French, Southern European, African and Latin American markets and for other global contracts.


Beck Crespel is the leading European manufacturer of threaded items for energy, oil and mechanical industries. Beck Crespel teams are also specialised in the production and sale of high safety products for the nuclear industry.


Beck Crespel has machinery assets of which the diversity and size probably make them unique, and a stock of over 5,000 tonnes of steel.


The company offers fast delivery of a wide range of high quality products and services. Beck Crespel can deliver a full range of safety fastening solutions from ASTM studbolts to studs for nuclear power station tanks





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