BC Basco

BC Basco is the only manufacturer of studbolts and threaded rods to ASTM standards in the Benelux area.


We roll a range varying from 1/2’’ to 3 ½’’ and from M12 to M90 to ASTM standards.


BC Basco has over 1800 tonnes of faultless European quality stock that is available immediately.


Currently we have:

- Over 800 tonnes of materials available for rolling (including B7 / L7 / B16 / L7M / B7M / B8 / B8M / B5 / B6 / 660 / 2H / Gr4 / Gr7 / Gr8 / Gr8M / Gr8MA / Gr3 / Gr6 / …)

- Almost 1000 tonnes of semi-finished and finished products


Thanks to our production capabilities and our significant stock, we guarantee a competitive product with the shortest lead times for faultless quality.


These qualities, alongside our client-based orientation, make BC Basco the leader in services to refineries in Belgium and a leading supplier in many other sectors of activity.


BC Basco is a perfect balance between service (bespoke, speedy, flexible), quality (European origins and methods when required) and price (shared Beck Industrie group production capabilities and material procurement).


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