Tensioning solutions

Using the Beck Tight brand, Beck Industries group supplies tensioning solutions.

This new entity specialised in hydraulic or mechanical tensioning, proposes hydraulic tensioners and nuts in its Optimum range. This Optimum range has 5 different types of tensioner meeting all standard hydraulic tensioning needs.

These tensioners are available for a wide range of fastener diameters (M27 to M110 – 1 “ to 4” 1/2) and forces from 602kN to 4071kN at a maximum pressure of 120 MPa.

Beck Tight can also provide bespoke products meeting specific client requirements. We produce hydraulic tensioners and nuts and tension nuts with pressure screws to specific client specifications.

We also provide inductive tensioning and loosening services to complete our tensioning offer.



 For all further information,

please contact us: info@becktight.fr or dial + 33 (0) 3 20 77 78 88