Bolting on drawings

Do you have specific requirements? Needs that partially or fully differ from standards ?


We have the solution you need: boltwork on drawings.


Our teams are ready to look at your drawings, study them and manufacture the parts to your expectations and specifications.


Thanks to our production capacity, our considerable stock and our qualified and reactive teams, we can produce the following boltwork on drawings:

- hex head screws,

- hex socket head screws,

- heavy hex nuts,

- low nuts,

- 12 sided nuts,

- notched nuts,

- Special nuts,

- dual location studs,

- tie rods,

- couplers,

- special washers,

- …


We use materials adapted to our clients’ needs to manufacture our boltwork on drawings.

The parts we deliver meet our clients’ requirements and, by extension, are compliant with their applications