Beck Tight, the Beck Industries subsidiary, designs and produces extension tensioning equipment
- Standard and bespoke “Beck tight” hydraulic tensioners
-  Hydraulic nuts
- Tension nuts with pressure screws,
- Special quick removal nuts
- Studbolt extension using induction heating
- Validation of finished assemblies using the finite element method and 3D CAD

Our teams’ bespoke culture allows them to adapt to your needs. For the same project, we can deliver hydraulic tensioners and tension nuts for more difficult to access parts.

Our equipment is available either separately or in the form of a fastener/equipment/on site service package.

Our will to accompany you from start to finish means that we offer an on site service, either to supervise your teams, or to perform the tensioning. This service is available for hydraulic tensioners, induction heating equipment or tension nuts with pressure screws.

For hydraulic tensioners or inductions, the on-site service can be coupled with equipment hire. We offer our line of “Optimum” tensioners for hire (5 cylinder sizes covering the M27/M110 range).  Our compact line allows you to reduce the number of cylinders needed for tensioning work.

We also offer our specific induction tensioning equipment for hire, with or without Beck Tight staff.