We are available to work on improving your parts to achieve:
- Improved performances
- Lower costs


 Our status as a manufacturer, our multi-sector experience and our design aid tools allow us to advise you on the key parameters of a part. The in-house integration of key processes, including surface treatment, means that we can make recommendations taking into account a vast range of cost and performance factors for your parts. Our activities in the tensioning field add a whole new dimension to our partnership approach to design.

To pursue this approach further, we have invested in 3D CAD software that we can use to help you calculate stresses for the finite element method.

These are some of the co-design services we have already provided:
- Advice to a client for the overall reconfiguration of studbolts/tensioners/surface treatment while reducing costs and improving the performance of the manufactured units
- Solving of an equipment manufacturer’s breakage issues by proposing a solution including the passage from torque tightening to hydraulic tensioning
- Modification of tool design and proposal of suitable surface treatment for a client with marine corrosion issues that impacted how their specific tools worked.