Replacing the yellow chromating zinc by galvanizing iridescent

Reportage Beck Crespel


After cadmium plating in the 90s, now the time has come for yellow chromate passivation to disappear for health and environment reasons. Our qualified subcontractors, who were amongst the last in France to provide this surface treatment, are stopping in July 2016 to comply with French regulations.

Beck-Crespel is replacing this treatment by light iridescent zinc plating which has higher saline mist performances. During the transition period, Beck-Crespel will first deliver its stock of yellow chromate zinc plated products which will gradually be replaced by the iridescent zinc plated items as the stock evolves.

In addition to iridescent zinc plating, Beck-Crespel proposes a complete line of surface treatments, either carried out internally or subcontracted: Nickel plating, PTFE, Zinc flake coating, Sherardisation, etc.

In the event of an imperative need, especially for export purposes, on request we can supply specific yellow chromate plating prices which we will have carried out abroad by our sister companies, by specifically equipped subcontractors. This solution will not be long term as Hexavalent chromium will soon also be banished from our neighbouring countries.




Zinc plating + yellow chromate passivation (Hexavalent chromium, a hazardous substance)

Zinc plating + iridescent passivation

Zinc plate

(Trivalent Chromium)

ISO 4042: Fe/Zn 8c 2C or A3L

ASTM B633: Fe/ZN 8 type II

(with coloured chromate coatings)

ISO 4042: A9F

ASTM B633: Fe/ZN 8 type III

(with colourless chromate conversion coatings)

Thickness 10 microns approx.

Thickness 10 microns approx.

Corrosion resistance:

Saline mist result according to ISO 9717 or ASTM B117

96 hours min. without oxidation

Corrosion resistance

Saline mist result according to ISO 9717 or ASTM B117

120 hours without oxidation