Beck Crespel gets ISO 17025 accreditation




In May 2016 the mechanical testing laboratory of the company Beck Crespel receives ISO 17025 certification for performing tests and analyzes on metallic materials.

Accreditation according to the approved international standard EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 is proof of technical competence and functioning in the laboratory of a quality management system suitable.

The scope of testing and analysis focuses on the following areas:

  •     Tensile test at room temperature
  •     bending test shock
  •     Rockwell hardness test
  •     Vickers hardness test
  •     Brinell hardness test
  •     Preparation of samples for metallographic examinations
  •     Determination of non-metallic inclusions content
  •     Determination of the grain size of ferritic steels
  •     Determination of the grain size
  •     examination macrographic