In-house know-how

The mastery of delivered product, processes and prevention of hidden defect are imperative since our products are used in extreme conditions. The mastery of Health and Safety at work and our impact upon our surroundings are also important. This target is achievable because we bring under control each risk or at least we respect the terms and conditions of our contracts, the law and regulations in force, and we project to go further with theses norms.


Our organisation is based on listening our customers and on perpetual progress. Targets are set up and annually reviewed.


The company develops, in a continuous manner, its Health and Safety Culture, manages its competencies and training programs in order to improve its mastery. Our responsibility is collective and individual; everybody has to respect the company rules and procedures.


In order to reach our mastery target, the company develops its industrial culture by insourcing skills and competencies, integrating processes and stocking up on steel bought in steelworks according to our specifications.