Best innovator

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Best innovator

In order to advance our efficiency, the safety of our processes, products and services, we incorporate a program of continuous improvement:

-          Participative management
-          Innovation award
-          5S and lean programs
-          High investment in modern machinery
-          Training

In-house know-how

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In-house know-how

The mastery of delivered product, processes and prevention of hidden defect are imperative since our products are used in extreme conditions. The mastery of Health and Safety at work and our impact upon our surroundings are also important. This target is achievable because we bring under control each risk or at least we respect the terms and conditions of our contracts, the law and regulations in force, and we project to go further with theses norms.


Our organisation is based on listening our customers and on perpetual progress. Targets are set up and annually reviewed.


The company develops, in a continuous manner, its Health and Safety Culture, manages its competencies and training programs in order to improve its mastery. Our responsibility is collective and individual; everybody has to respect the company rules and procedures.


In order to reach our mastery target, the company develops its industrial culture by insourcing skills and competencies, integrating processes and stocking up on steel bought in steelworks according to our specifications.

Easy to work with

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Easy to work with

The development of long term relationships with our clients involves a set of targets and conduct that makes it easier for our clients to work with us. It is a client-oriented service culture.


This “easy to work with” culture starts with our sales department, which issues fast and clear quotes and advice or solutions when the specifications lead to questions.


The company has developed an organisation that can deliver orders quickly and on time, and communicates well on lead times.


In the event of internal non-conformities, the company’s transparency policy is not to request any waivers while there is still a possibility of repair or re-manufacture internally.


When waivers are requested, the presentation must be clear, fully documented and contain proposals for solutions or information to help in making the decision.


The company also takes into account the need to have clear accompanying documentation delivered with the parts.


Simplicity for our clients consists, whenever possible, in offering the delivery of a complete product and service package, especially for tensioning services.


As a rule, the company promotes:

- Proactiveness: everyone solves problems or proposes solutions at their own level

- Fluidity: immediate answers or the information on how long the answer will take

- Positive attitude: changes or differences in opinion either with clients or internally are considered constructively in order to find the best solution.

United Team

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United Team

Fully aware of its role and responsibilities towards its members, clients, suppliers and immediate environment, the Beck Industries group aims to implement an approach designed to guarantee that its values and code of conduct are applied, and to promote the well-being of its members, it attractiveness and its economic efficiency. To achieve this, policy is based on the ISO 26000 standard.


A code of conduct and internal by-laws have been drawn up. All its members have been trained in its use and are committed to following it. This code guarantees that human rights, applicable legislation and regulations are respected. It guarantees the rules of loyalty in all its internal practices, towards its clients, suppliers and third parties. It also bans all forms of discrimination from hiring to career opportunities and training.


Beyond these rules, we are aware:

- of our corporate responsibility

- of the challenges of employability and decent, fulfilling and productive jobs

- of the rules behind long term stable employment

- of health and well-being challenges and their associated prevention and training actions

- of the rules behind improved standards of living and the sharing of riches

- generally of the development of human capital around our values, as a driving force for motivation and innovation


The company expects its employees to share its principles of loyalty and honesty, to develop a personal awareness of individual responsibility, a team spirit and be proactive. It encourages positive management, highlighting the notion of pleasure in shared success.


Our companies invest in paritarian and regional organisations, educational programmes and the promotion of voluntary work or donations to local associations.