Human Resources Policy

Our HR policy is based on our founding values: In-house competence, Easy to work with, Best innovators, United teams


Behind each one of these values, qualities, conduct and attitudes are rewarded.


In-house quality

Our quality control levels are linked to our industrial culture, our managerial skills and the capitalisation of our safety and risk management know-how.
Our key processes and tools remain in house, we finance our equipment and purchase the specific stock we need.

Easy to work with

We value long term relationships with our clients.  Our relationship is based on reliability, responsibility, proactiveness, proximity and reactivity. We invest in stocks of high safety materials to guarantee the best lead times.

Best innovation

To increase the safety of our solutions, products and services, we have drawn up a continuous improvement programme based on:
– Participative management
– Rewarded innovation
– 5S and Lean programmes
- Significant investments in equipment at the leading edge of new technology
– Training plans.

United team

As a family-owned group, we believe that our future success is based on a prospective vision of the hiring, training and positive management of our employees, requiring them to commit to the principles of loyalty, responsibility, honesty, transparency, profit sharing and the respect of the environment. ISO 26000.


We are committed to accompanying our employees throughout their careers with our companies.

This accompaniment includes:
- employee integration
- clear, fluid and precise communication
- the development of knowledge and skills
- the sharing and passing on of knowledge
- career plans
- access to training