Offshore & Subsea

We meet subsea’s requirements for absolute reliability by implementing production, control and documentation procedures developed for the nuclear industry.

A wide range of grades (AISI 4340, A 453 Grade 660, Duplex and Superduplex UNS 32760, Inconel 718 and 625…) for a variety of applications: BOP, Christmas trees, Riser bolts structures, piping, spool, flowline, anchors, etc.

A recently developed product, the “Subsea Nut” was specially created for this sector of activity based on our European production, and has already been qualified by the main subsea sector players. This forged nut provides the same guarantees as nuts that were previously machined from solid materials.

Our experience in forging and the controlled heat treatment of Inconel 718 and superduplex materials is an unchallenged advantage for subsea applications.

We have a perfect level of traceability that guarantees our products the highest levels of integrity.
Coatings: PTFE, Delta MKS zinc flake, MoS2, Hot dip galvanisation, …