We have an extensive range, unique experience since 1972, and have made considerable investments for third generator reactors. Our efforts have been rewarded by the famous Areva label.

We deliver threaded parts, nuts, rods for the primary (tank, pressurisers, steam generator, primary pumps) and secondary circuits (piping, valves, heat exchangers), as well as for all the supporting civil engineering structures.

RCCM or ASME standards, Materiel Organisation as per NCA 3800, or DCNS (French Navy).

ISO 17025 certified laboratory.

We provide an extensive range of coatings: RCCM manganese phosphate, Xylan, Delta MKS RCCM…
Our integrated industrial model guarantees flexibility and very easy inspections as all operations are usually carried out in-house, including phosphating and zinc flake thanks to our Dorken licence.